Hamburg Container Days 2021


The Container Days are the best container conference in the world. We are super proud that we are now an official sponsor of the Container Days next year. Given the current situation and regulations around COVID-19, unfortunately this year the conference will be canceled. But, we're looking forward meeting you there in the next year!

Why should I visit the Container Days in Hamburg?

  • Learn in deeply technical talks about Microservices, Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, AWS ECS, CI/CD and DevOps
  • Get your hands dirty in Hands-on workshops with the focus on Container, Fargate, Elastic Cloud Service, K8s and CloudNative
  • You will meet the globaldatanet Team and other exciting people


Day 1

Workshop day and speakers’ dinner

Day 2-3

Main conference with sessions and keynotes
International speakers’ line-up
Attendee Party with the typical off-beat character

You can find more information about the conference on this website and don't forget to sign up to the Newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest developments around ContainerDays.

Hamburg Container Days 2021


Cloudwatch Logs for AWS Toolkit

New feature for VS Code - Interact with CloudWatch log groups


Sep 22nd 2020


Walter Kopp

Announcement of the Official Datadog Partnership

Introducing our new partner Datadog and what makes this such a precious partnership.


Aug 14th 2020


Fabian Sokoll

Security Compliance and Governance Immersion Day

The Immersion Day allows hands on time with AWS services, and guidance from AWS Solutions Architects.


Aug 12th 2020


Anton Grübel