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About Aytomic

Aytomic, is a software development company which was founded in 2015. They provide custom software solutions and focussing on creating strategic partnerships on the development projects that they participate in.

Aytomic has a team of highly experienced developers and experience in IoT engineering (hardware design and firmware development), mobile development and software architecture.

The challenge

The environment was deployed manually and the first challenge was to cleanup the environment and automate the deployment to enable easy duplication and maintenance.

Furthermore there have been certain security violations that needed to be remedied.

The solution

As a starting point, security, especially at IoT related companies, must be everyone’s primary concern. Having that in mind, we as AWS experts, have helped them to build the secure environment starting with detailed and through security assessments and remediation following all the principles and rules from the AWS Well Architected Framework, AWS Trusted Advisor and AWS Security Best Practices.

Furthermore we implemented a complete pipeline in order to deliver the Golden AMI as a baseline AMI for all the services.

Using the CodePipeline as well as CodeBuild and AWS OpsWorks together with the Chef Automate have helped us to achieve another goal, which is continuous Chef cookbooks integration testing and delivery.

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Results and Benefits

We have helped Aytomic to focus on development while taking care of DevOps and Security on AWS.

Aytomic no longer has to worry about:

  • AWS infrastructure security
  • AWS EC2 SSH keys management
  • Encryption of data at rest and in transit
  • AMI Creation
  • CI/CD of Chef cookbooks
  • Logging