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AWS Marketplace Automation

Share Marketplace subscriptions with your AWS Organization

Best practices for REST API development

What to consider when designing a REST API

Encryption of SSM session data using KMS

Encrypting session data to handle confidential data interactions

re:Invent 2021

NOV. 29 – DEC. 3, 2020 - CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF RE:INVENT - Every news of the event at one place.

CloudFront Functions

Run your code highly favorable and next to your Customer

Terraform CLI Workflow Improvements

Tips and Tricks to make navigating terraform easier

CloudFormation Best Practices

Recommendations that can help you to use CloudFormation more effectively and securely throughout its entire workflow.

Introducing the ECS Shutdown Scheduler for Cost Saving

At night all developers sleep, but what about their dev environments?

Our trip to Serbia

This is a short recap of our week in Belgrade

AWS Well-Architected Partner

Happy to announce that we are now AWS Well-Architected Partner

One week at globaldatanet as AWS Cloud Engineer - David Edition

I will take you on a ride trough my week.

Hamburg Container Days 2021

Save the date for the best container conference in the world.