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Hamburg Container Days 2021

Save the date for the best container conference in the world.

Route 53 cross account alias records

How to create a Route 53 cross account alias record.

Rightsizing Recommendations for your AWS Account.

Get the Rightsizing Recommendations from Cost Explorer for your AWS Account / Organization.

Account Factory - provision AWS Accounts

Best Practice for creating AWS Accounts

Creating and managing Accounts in AWS

Best Practice for creating and managing Accounts in AWS

Detect noncompliant Lambda runtimes in your environment

Use AWS Config Rules to detect noncompliant Lambda runtimes

re:Invent 2020

NOV. 30 – DEC. 18, 2020 - 3-week virtual free conference - Every news of the event at one place.

Our first serverless Beer Tasting

Organization of our first serverless Beer Tasting - a mix of online Beer Tasting and serverless meetup

DevOps tools you should have on your belt

A collection of tools that will help you to improve your daily work.

Blurring Pictures with Amazon Rekognition

License Plates & Persons live blurring with Amazon Rekognition, and use Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels to improve detection.

FinOps tools for your daily work.

The tools will help you to save costs.

Tasks that require root user

It is AWS best practice to not use the root user. However, there are certain Tasks which requires root credentials.