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We help enterprises to build innovative cloud-native solutions on Amazon Web Services.

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Data Solutions

Uncover new opportunities with data-driven architectures.

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DevOps Automation

Automation not only saves time, but also improves quality

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Cloud Security

More control and better data protection - all for less

Our process


Each engagement begins by evaluating the customer requirements. We flesh out the purpose and expectations of your project.

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Cloud native solutions based on microservices, with a fully automated infrastucture, development pipeline and security controls.


With our expert-led guidance and enablement program, our experienced engineers will upskill your team for success in a serverless world.

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Refactoring your application from monolith into microservices. Analyze your existing environment to reduce costs and improve performance.

Our partnership

Looking for AWS experts?

As a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we offer you up-to-date expert know-how for reliable, scalable and serverless solutions. The Advanced Partner logo provides proof of our expertise and our AWS Professional Service. The partnership underlines our strategic direction and specialization.


CloudFormation vs. Terraform

What are the differences? Which tool is the best for your needs?

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Feb 19th 2020

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David Krohn

SSH and SCP with AWS SSM

Using AWS Session Manager with enhanced SSH and SCP capability to connect to your EC2 without using firewalls and bastion hosts

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Feb 17th 2020

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David Krohn

Berlin AWS User Group 2020/02

Berlin AWS Group Meetup - kindly hosted by globaldatanet

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Feb 12th 2020

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Dennis Nüsser


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