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globaldatanet is a leading cloud-native company with the mission to build and modernize next-generation applications and platforms made in and for the cloud. For more than 4 years, globaldatanet has been helping other businesses adopt cutting-edge technologies to solve challenges and create new opportunities.

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Award-winning AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with a full focus on Amazon Web Services cloud. With our experienced and certified team of cloud specialists, we have been a strong partner in the development and modernization of cloud-native applications since day one.

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To succeed in fast-paced, software-driven markets, companies must change the way they design, build, and use applications. Cloud-native application development is an approach to building, running, and improving apps based on well-known techniques and technologies for cloud computing. Cloud-native app development typically includes devops, agile methodology, microservices, cloud platforms, containers, serverless and continuous delivery —in short, every new and modern method of application deployment.