Announcement of the Official Datadog Partnership


Announcement of the Official Datadog Partnership

We at globaldatanet dedicate ourselves to deliver only the best services and are always driving to partner with the very best specialist teams in the market.

Therefore we are more than proud to announce: we are now an official registered Datadog partner! 🚀

What makes Datadog such a good specialist?

Datadog is a SaaS based monitoring and data analytics platform for IT and DevOps teams. With datadog you are able to seamlessly aggregate metrics and events across the full devops stack with support for over 400+ built-in integrations encompassing all your systems, apps and services. Additionaly, Datadog solution provides end-to-end visibility into application performance and customer experience.

This helps DevOps teams:

  • Accelerate deployment rates without losing performance, ensuring smooth and dependable deployments even in complex and dynamic environments.
  • Coordinate within a single platform, making it possible to quickly share real-time information across and within diverse teams.
  • Complete transitions to advanced cloud technologies, helping smooth the transition onto new technology as it happens.
  • Reduce resolution time with monitoring built for Dev and Ops, facilitating communication across diverse teams by unifying multiple monitoring disciplines into a single cohesive platform.

For more information check out the Datadog website

What makes the partnership with datadog so precious for us?

Sharing the passion for serverless and the strong focus on cloud technologies, Datadog is the perfect matching partner to drive the efficiency of the cloud environment together with us to the next level.

Welcome to the globaldatanet family! 💜

Datadog - globladatanet partnership
Datadog - globladatanet partnership


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