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Focusing mainly on Financial Operations (FinOps) to drive cost optimised and efficient cloud environments. As the founder of globaldatanet, my vision is to build the best cloud team in the world and deliver the most innovative cloud-native solutions.

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Marc Schröter

AWS community-days 2020: Cost Optimization

A lecture for SRE, DevOps and FinOps teams on controlling AWS costs with optimisations and practical tips from practice


Marc Schröter

AWS German Community Day 2020

Save the date for the AWS German Community Day 2020.


Marc Schröter

AWS Summit 2020 in Berlin

Meet exciting people, chat with experts, start collaborating - learn more about AWS!


Marc Schröter

Hamburg AWS User Group 2019/12

re:Invent 2019 - Public Viewing: Werner Vogels Keynote


Marc Schröter

Improved Networking For AWS Lambda

Cold starts are a big problem when using AWS Lambda in VPCs, but according to an announcement from the Lambda engineering team, they won't be a problem for much longer.