Cloudwatch Logs for AWS Toolkit


A few weeks ago AWS announced a new feature for the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.

Cloudwatch Logs for VS Code

AWS Toolkit is an open source plugin which lets you leverate your IDE for creating, debugging and deploying applications on AWS. It eases access to resources in your account through the explorer view and enables you to interact with an array of services to carry out tasks such as viewing S3 resources, deploying SAM applications and invoking remote lambda functions.

With their newest feature you are now able to interact with Cloudwatch log groups in an AWS Region that are available to your active credentials profile. When selecting a log group you are able to view a stream's most recent 10.000 lines/1 MB of log data, with the option to load older or newer event data as well as download the log data to your local machine.


View log stream
View log stream
Log items
Log items
Select log stream
Select log stream

How to install ?


  • AWS account
  • Supported OS (Windows, Linux and macOS)
  • VS Code version 1.31.1 or later


  • AWS SAM CLI (A tool that helps you develop, test and analyze your serverless applications locally)

    • Docker (required for AWS SAM CLI)


  1. Open VS Code editor
  2. Extensions > Search in Marketplace

install aws toolkit

  1. search for AWS Toolkit
  2. choose Install
  3. If prompted to restart the editor, choose Reload Required to finish


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