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AWS community-days 2020: Cost Optimization

A lecture for SRE, DevOps and FinOps teams on controlling AWS costs with optimisations and practical tips from practice

Cloudwatch Logs for AWS Toolkit

New feature for VS Code - Interact with CloudWatch log groups

Cut down on your Lambda cost

What to keep in mind when focussing on optimizing cost for Lambda

Share your ACM Private CA cross-account

How to automate AWS RAM to share your ACM Private CA cross-account

Announcement of the Official Datadog Partnership

Introducing our new partner Datadog and what makes this such a precious partnership.

Security Compliance and Governance Immersion Day

The Immersion Day allows hands on time with AWS services, and guidance from AWS Solutions Architects.

App Mesh and ECS with shared Meshes

Step by Step Tutorial on how to use App Mesh on ECS with cross account ressource sharing (shared meshes)

AWS German Community Day 2020

Save the date for the AWS German Community Day 2020.

SCP Best Practices

How to use service control policies to secure resources and avoid unnecessary costs across accounts in your AWS Organization

Terraform CI/CD Best Practices

Running Terraform in Automation

How to access AWS Cloud9 IDE from VSCode?

Run Terraform and Ansible from the online IDE

AWS Landing Zone versus AWS Control Tower

What is the difference between AWS Landing Zones and AWS Control Tower? Customized Solution or Managed Service?!