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How to access AWS Cloud9 IDE from VSCode?

Run Terraform and Ansible from the online IDE

AWS Landing Zone versus AWS Control Tower

What is the difference between AWS Landing Zones and AWS Control Tower? Customized Solution or Managed Service?!

SCP performance with ssm-agent

A performance comparison of scp with ssm-agent and without

Using AWS KMS with golang

How-to encrypt and decrypt data with AWS KMS and the aws-sdk-go.

Secure handling of AWS api keys

A brief how-to store and access local aws api keys with aws-vault.

Cross-Account CI/CD Pipeline for ECS and Lambda

Automate your software delivery process using continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines

AWS Codepipeline Notification

A simple notification application sending different statuses of your AWS CodePipeline to Slack or MS Teams using an incoming Webhook.

CloudFormation vs. Terraform

What are the differences? Which tool is the best for your needs?

SSH and SCP with AWS SSM

Using AWS Session Manager with enhanced SSH and SCP capability to connect to your EC2 without using firewalls and bastion hosts

Berlin AWS User Group 2020/02

Berlin AWS Group Meetup - kindly hosted by globaldatanet

AWS Summit 2020 in Berlin

Meet exciting people, chat with experts, start collaborating - learn more about AWS!

Shortcuts for AWS Infrastructure Automation

For some AWS services you can use the AWS console UI for guidance and creating the first version and almost extract most of the automation