re:Invent 2019

re:Invent the highlight for each AWS enthusiast. As in 2018, we want you to be as close as possible even if you cannot be on site. We will use this page to list every new service and every feature what aws announced during this week. Don't forget to join our meetup on 5th of December for the live streaming. And remeber it is always day one.


Pre Announcements

Feature Service Description
Savings Plans EC2 / Fargate Flexible discount model for AWS Compute Services
Notifications CodeCommit / CodeBuild / Codedeploy / Codepipeline Receive notifications about events in repositories, build projects, deployments, and pipelines.
AWS CLI v2 Preview CLI AWS CLI v2 has new features eg. it supports AWS Single Sign-On.
How to configure AWS CLI v2 for AWS SSO
Cross-Account Cross-Region Dashboards CloudWatch / Organizations Share inside of an Organization or with seperate Accounts
Resource Import CloudFormation If you created an AWS resource outside of AWS CloudFormation management, you can bring this existing resource into AWS CloudFormation management using resource import.