re:Invent 2020


re:Invent the highlight for each AWS enthusiast. Due to Corona, AWS decided to do this event only online this year. But no worries, as the last two years (2019 - 2018), we help you to be as close as possible to the event. We will use this page to list every new service and every feature what AWS announced during the whole time.

Event information

Where: Online
When: Nov. 30 - Dec 18,2020




Security Compliance and Governance Immersion Day

The Immersion Day allows hands on time with AWS services, and guidance from AWS Solutions Architects.


Aug 12th 2020


Anton Grübel

AWS German Community Day 2020

Save the date for the AWS German Community Day 2020.


Jul 22nd 2020


Marc Schröter

Hamburg Container Days 2021

Save the date for the best container conference in the world.


Jun 16th 2020


David Krohn