re:Invent 2021


re:Invent the highlight for each AWS enthusiast. This year the re:Invent will be an In-person and virtual conference. In-person re:Invent passes are $1,799. Virtual access is free.As the last three years (2020-2019 - 2018), we help you to be as close as possible to the event. We will use this page to list every new service and every feature what AWS announced during the whole time.

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07 June 2021 - registration will open next week on June 15 here.



Our trip to Serbia

This is a short recap of our week in Belgrade


May 5th 2021


Fabian Sokoll

AWS Well-Architected Partner

Happy to announce that we are now AWS Well-Architected Partner


May 3rd 2021


Bahar Uslu

One week at globaldatanet as AWS Cloud Engineer - David Edition

I will take you on a ride trough my week.


Apr 28th 2021


David Krohn