Trigger Custom Resource when CloudFormation Stack is being updated

Use Case

If you include execution of a Lambda in your CloudFormation template and you update your Lambda Code, CloudFormation will not execute your Custom Resource again unless it detects that the template or parameters have been changed. Here are two Workarounds to invoke Custom Resources after CFN Update.

Workaround 1: Include a Parameter

A very easy way to execute the Custom Resource every time when your Lambda changed is to add a parameter to your Custom Resource (eg. a timestamp, which will always be different) - if this parameter changes, the custom resources will automatically be executed again.

    Type: String
    Default: 201906010800
    Type: 'Custom::ExecuteLambda'
      ServiceToken: !GetAtt
        - Lambda
        - Arn
      Timestamp: !Ref LambdaExecutionTimestamp

Workaround 2: Use SNS to invoke the Custom Ressource

Use an SNS trigger to invoke your Custom Resource, when your Cloudformation Stack is updated.

Use SNS to invoke the Custom Ressource

Addtional Information: Handling AWS Cloudformation Events