Visualize your AWS cost increase in Slack


Keeping a close eye on cost is one of the key tasks to perform for optimizing spendings on AWS. 💸👀

It is part of the enabling sequence of the FinOps lifecycle: Inform.

Everybody tends to find his own way to implement these routine checks: Configuring budgets reports, adding a daily reminder or integrating a cost optimization platform are all good options.

For our rapidly growing projects we found that we needed something that was

  • adaptive to rapid change 💹
  • easy to setup 😌
  • apparent to the whole team 📰
  • quick to grasp on a high level 🚀

Therefor we recently introduced a small cost-reporter lambda:

cost reporter

Whether you want to keep track of new projects 🐣 when the architecture changes quickly, or you want to keep a close eye on an existing project 🦃, this cost-reporter can get you a daily report of your costs and trends and have it comfortably be delivered to Slack.

You can also choose to only get a report when costs increase or when they breach a certain threshold.

We hope this small tool could be useful for others, too, which is why we open-sourced it on our github. If you have any ideas for improvement, feel free to reach out or create a Pull Request.

Happy cost saving everybody! 🤑


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