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About bigpoint

Bigpoint was founded in 2002 with the goal to provide great games that everybody can play. With releases such as Seafight, DarkOrbit Reloaded and Farmerama as well as the more recent launches of Drakensang and Shards of War,Bigpoint consistently aims to go beyond established benchmarks and introduce innovative gameplays to all categories of players.

The challenge

Bigpoint is in the process of replacing their colocation datacenter with a cloud managed infrastructure. Limited by the properties of their colocation datacenter, Bigpoint wanted to reduce overcommitted server hardware and enable teams to easily deploy new services in development and production environments. During this project all Gaming Forum environments, from development to production, should be migrated into AWS.

globaldatanet worked with Bigpoint to build an AWS multi account environment, running container workload on EKS. AWS RDS, which provides a managed database service with minimum operative overhead was used. Additionally, GitLab CI/CD pipelines were created for deployment automation.

The solution

The AWS Landing Zone Solution was implemented to guarantee an easy and secure multi account environment setup. Configured following AWS best practice patterns, the AWS Landing Zone includes four base accounts for a split responsibility model. Additional application accounts with the "Account Vending Machine" provided by the Landing Zone were created. This ensures that new accounts are created with a baseline configuration;sticking to the same best practice patterns.

All this is built and deployed as "Infrastructure as Code" with Terraform that perfectly fits in an AWS multi account environment. Integrated in GitLab CI, code changes are tested and released with a custom build pipeline. Saving Terraform state in S3 and using DynamoDB as a State Lock mechanism allows collaborative Terraform code development.Persistent data is stored in RDS to benefit from a fully managed database service that drastically reduces administrative overhead.

Results and Benefits

It is now faster, easier and more secure to provision new AWS accounts; as a result of setting up AWS multi-account environments with the "Account Vending Machine"; provided with the AWS Landing Zone Solution. This includes a baseline security for accounts, centralized logging and monitoring. AWS Landing Zone provides full visibility into all resources within Bigpoint; helping to monitor and control security.

Bigpoint teams can now easily deploy existing and new services thanks to the huge capabilities of EKS. The auto scaling feature allows a minimum cluster node count and is auto scaling the EKS cluster and deployed pods to handle peak load.