.Berlin AWS User Group 2020/02

Feb 12th 2020-2 min read

Dear AWS'lers,
we would like to invite you to the next AWS Usergroup meetup in Berlin.

Registration via Meetup

Event information

Where: Mindspace Krausenstraße
When: 11 Feb 2020
What time: 19:00 - 21:00


  • 18:30 - Arrival
  • 19:00 - "Getting started with Serverless"

Speaker: Martin Konicek
Speaker bio: "SysOps Engineer with more than 15 years of experience. Spending days and nights on AWS."

Development of applications is subject to constant change. Do you recall those days, when people were writing their own php frameworks? Those times are gone, as there is a variety of standardized frameworks out there. Looking into the life of cloud-engineers today, folks are taking care of infrastructure by applying system-updates and patches to OSs. These times are gonna change, just as much as those of the php-devs before, with Server-less technology being on the horizon.

Building applications as blocks of logic and small connected functions, server-less, will enable you to do application development without taking care of the infrastructure.
Level: 100

  • 19:30 - Break
  • 19:40 - "Encryption at rest with LUKS, AWS KMS and Parameter Store"

Speaker: Alan Kis
Speaker bio: "Alan is a passionate AWS DevOps Engineer at globaldatanet in Berlin, still loving bare-metal servers. When Alan is not building solutions on AWS, hacking around Lego Technics is his favourites, among a lot of other things."

Encryption of data at rest is mandatory(!), for ephemeral volumes just as much, as for persistent block devices. This talk will show you, how engineers at globaldatanet implement solutions, satisfying both clients and there own standards.
Level: 300


Here are some impressions of our Meetup from yesterday.

Thanks to everybody who joined for freshly tapped beer, snacks and insightful discussions. And a huge thanks to our talkers Alan Kis and Martin Konicek.

We are looking forward to the next AWS User Group Meetup.

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