.Improve business workflows with Intelligent Document Processing

May 20th 2022-2 min read

Data is the backbone of every possible workflow. In today’s digital time the increasing demand of customers and markets lead to a necessity in optimizing processes.

Most data used in a day to day business gets sent across industries in various formats. Extracting valuable information out of this data becomes a crucial part for more and more businesses.

Before - There was paperwork. Sorting and organizing files was part of an organization’s daily responsibility. This resulted in less time that could be spent dealing with more demanding work to further advance the business. Therefore productivity and efficiency decreased while frustration due to monotonous work increased. While the first generations of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), helped simplifying this, the process was too error prone to be fully automated yet. There still had to exist a human checking through all of the OCR extracted documents before they are marked business-ready.

Now - Processes are more intelligent. Today we can leverage AI-powered automation and machine learning to benefit organizations using Intelligent Document Processing. With this strategy there is exponentially more time for the important tasks of a business while minimizing human made mistakes and costs.

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IDP enables businesses to accept unstructured data in any form and turn the received information into structured decision-ready data.

The AI learns what the document is about, what information is relevant, extracts it and sends it to the right place.


  • Efficiency - Speed up your business and improve customer satisfaction through faster processes
  • Reduce costs - Decrease human-needed interaction significantly by usually 90 to 95%.
  • Minimize risks - Reduce failure up to 99% while storing data in a simple and secure manner and ensure data privacy
  • Scalability - Adapt to the ongoing technological and storage demands, grow your business and focus on what makes your business unique

Using these tools can make the impact required to stay ahead and scale your business up. We help customers to use the full potential of the cloud, to increase revenue and efficiency with what makes us unique - We think differently.

This is exactly why we love what we do.

If you want to do some technical deep dive into Intelligent Document Processing feel free to check out the post from our Cloud Developer Jovan Ćušić in the tech blog.

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