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Dec 17th 2019-1 min read

re:Invent the highlight for each AWS enthusiast. As in 2018, we want you to be as close as possible even if you cannot be on site. We will use this page to list every new service and every feature what AWS announced during this week. Don't forget to join our meetup on 5th of December for the live streaming. And remeber it is always day one.


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All re:Invent service announcements 2019

FeatureServiceDescriptionPreview / Region availabilityCategory
FireCrackerEnables containerd to manage containers as Firecracker microVMs.Compute
This library is designed to give you direct access to the theory and the practices that underlie our work.Misc
ChimeThis new app allows Slack users to start and join Amazon Chime online meetings from their Slack workspace channels and conversations.Business Applications
ECSAmazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) now supports Windows group Managed Service Account (gMSA), a new capability that allows you to authenticate and authorize your ECS-powered Windows containers with network resources using an Active Directory (AD).Compute
NeptuneYou can now query your graphs from within the Neptune Console using either Gremlin or SPARQL queries.Database
AmplifySimplify Development of Offline Apps with GraphQL.Mobile
AmplifyYou can now build iOS and Android applications using the Amplify Framework with the same category-based programming model that you use for JavaScript apps..Mobile
API GatewayHTTP APIs is a new flavor of API Gateway.Preview - available in US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland)Networking & Content Delivery
Elasticsearch ServiceUltraWarm, a fully managed, low-cost, warm storage tier for Amazon Elasticsearch Service.Preview - available in US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon)Analytics
Step FunctionsHigh Performance & Low Cost.Application Integration
EKSAmazon EKS and Fargate make it straightforward to run Kubernetes-based applications on AWS by removing the need to provision and manage infrastructure for pods.Available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), Europe (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo)Compute
EKSFargate Spot is a new capability on AWS Fargate that can run interruption tolerant Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) Tasks at up to a 70% discount off the Fargate price.Compute
ECSAWS ECS Cluster Auto Scaling is Now Generally Available.Compute
ECSCapacity Providers are a new way to manage compute capacity for containers, that allow the application to define its requirements for how it uses the capacity.Compute
LambdaA feature that keeps functions initialized and hyper-ready to respond in double-digit milliseconds.Compute
EC2Programmatic Access to EBS Snapshot Content.Coming SoonCompute
EC2Graviton2-Powered General Purpose, Compute-Optimized, & Memory-Optimized EC2 Instances.Available in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo)Compute
EC2Inf1 Instances with AWS Inferentia Chips for High Performance Cost-Effective InferencingAvailable in US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) Regions.Compute
Amazon ConnectContact Lens for Amazon Connect is a set of integrated ML analytics capabilities for Amazon Connect that gives contact centers the ability to understand the sentiment, trends, and compliance of customer conversations to improve customer experience and identify crucial customer feedback.PreviewCustomer Engagement
RedshiftNext-Generation Compute Instances and Managed, Analytics-Optimized Storage.Database
RedshiftNew for Amazon Redshift – Data Lake Export and Federated Query.Database
SageMakerAn open source library built for easy implementation of graph neural networks, is now available on Amazon SageMaker.Machine Learning
SageMakerOrganize, Track And Compare Your Machine Learning Trainings.Machine Learning
SageMakerAutomatically Create High-Quality Machine Learning Models With Full Control And Visibility.Machine Learning
SageMakerFully Managed Data Processing and Model Evaluation.Machine Learning
SageMakerFully Managed Automatic Monitoring For Your Machine Learning Models.Machine Learning
SageMakerDebug Your Machine Learning Models.Machine Learning
SageMakerThe First Fully Integrated Development Environment For Machine Learning.Machine Learning
TGWTransit Gateway Adds Multicast and Inter-Regional Peering.Available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), and EU (Frankfurt)Networking & Content Delivery
TGWBuild Global Networks and Centralize Monitoring Using Network Manager.Networking & Content Delivery
VPCSimplifying Integration of Third-Party Appliances.Networking & Content Delivery
S3Easily Manage Shared Data Sets with Amazon S3 Access Points.Storage
EventBridgeThese are new developer tool features, which allow you to automatically find events and their structure, or schema, and store them in a shared central location.Preview - available in US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), US East (Northern Virginia) Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region, and Europe (Ireland)Application Integration
IoT SiteWiseFive new features and updated pricing for AWS IoT SiteWise.Preview - available in US West (Oregon), US East (Northern Virginia), and EU (Ireland)Internet of Things
Sage MakerA new capability that makes it easier for developers and data scientists using Kubernetes to train, tune, and deploy machine learning (ML) models in SageMaker.US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland)Machine Learning
DeepRacerNew Features & New Racing Opportunities.Northern Virginia onlyMachine Learning
License ManagerBring-Your-Own-License Experience for Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server.Available in US-East (Northern Virginia) and US-West (Oregon)Management & Governance
Compose Music with Generative Machine Learning Models.Preview - available in early Q1 2020Machine Learning
IAMIdentify Unintended Resource Access with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer.Security, Identity, & Compliance
S3Access Analyzer for S3 evaluates your bucket access policies and enables you to discover and swiftly remediate buckets with potentially unintended access.Storage
A scalable, highly available, and managed Apache Cassandra-compatible database service.Database
Customized Resource Optimization Service.Available in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), US East (Ohio), South America (São Paulo)Compute
Enclaves offers an isolated, hardened, and highly constrained environment to host security-critical applications.PreviewCompute
A fully managed, highly available database proxy for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) that makes applications more scalable, more resilient to database failures, and more secure.Database
The Local Zone is a new type of AWS infrastructure deployment that brings select AWS services very close to a particular geographic area.Infrastructure
Single-vendor compute & storage solution that is designed to meet the needs of customers who need local processing and very low latency.Infrastructure
This service will help you to analyze and visualize security data at scale.PreviewMachine Learning
Augmented AI (Amazon A2I) makes it easy to build the workflows required for human review of ML predictions.Machine Learning
A new machine learning service for development teams who want to automate code reviews, identify the most expensive lines of code in their applications, and receive intelligent recommendations on how to fix or improve their code.Preview - available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Sydney)Machine Learning
A fully managed service that makes it easy to identify potentially fraudulent online activities such as online payment fraud and the creation of fake accounts.Machine Learning
A highly accurate and easy to use enterprise search service that’s powered by machine learning.Machine Learning
Enables developers to build applications that deliver single-digit millisecond latencies to mobile devices and end-users.Misc
Automate OS Image Build Pipelines with EC2 Image Builder.Compute
Get Started with Quantum Computing.Quantum Computing
Real-Time Automatic Speech Recognition for Healthcare Customers.US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon)Machine Learning

With the new AWS Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency, Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can identify top AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partners that can identify, build, and implement technology offerings that improve organizational capacity to prepare, respond, and recover from emergencies and disasters.
This designation helps retailers find top APN Partners with highly specialized solutions and consulting practices that offer retail technology and services that are powered and vetted by AWS.
Help Partners Build Successful Cloud-Based Businesses.
This program is invite-only and helps startups become enterprise-ready with prescriptive benefits, simplified paths to meeting foundational requirements for the AWS Partner Network (APN), and a robust set of resources to help startups significantly accelerate their growth.
This program identifies and validates products from APN Technology Partners that integrate with specific AWS services, and recommends these products to customers.
AWS Immersion Day workshops are day-long, in-person workshop that AWS Solutions Architects created to help customers walk through different areas of Amazon Web Services (AWS).


FeatureServiceDescriptionPreview / Region availabilityCategory
QuickSightNew API support for data, dashboard, SPICE and permissions.Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul, Ireland, Frankfurt, London, Northern Virginia, Ohio, OregonAnalytics
EventBridgeEventBridge Support in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR).Everywhere except Bahrain, Osaka, Beijing, NingxiaApplication Integration
SNSAmazon SNS DLQs make your application more resilient and durable by storing messages in case your subscription endpoint becomes unreachable.Application Integration
StepFunctionsUsing Step Functions to Orchestrate Amazon EMR Workloads.Everywhere except OsakaApplication Integration
Cost Explorer / BudgetsCost Categories enables users to define category rules to map and categorize costs using billing dimensions such as accounts and tags.PreviewAWS Cost Management
ALBApplication Load Balancer Simplifies Deployment with Weighted Target Groups.Compute
EC2 / FargateFlexible discount model for AWS Compute ServicesCompute
EC2 / EBSAmazon EBS Fast Snapshot Restore (FSR) eliminates the need for pre-warming data into volumes created from snapshots.Only available in: US East (Virginia), US West (Oregon), US West (N. California), EU (Ireland),EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Sydney) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo)Compute
EC2Auto Scaling Now Supports Maximum Instance Lifetime & Instance Weighting.Compute
EC2Dedicated Host sharing enables Dedicated Host owners to share their Dedicated Hosts with other AWS accounts or within an AWS organization.Compute
ECS / FargateContinuous delivery of container applications to AWS Fargate with GitHub ActionsCompute
ECS / FargateUsing FireLens, customers can direct container logs to storage and analytics tools without modifying deployment scripts, manually installing extra software or writing additional code.Compute
EKSYou can now easily provision managed worker nodes for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) clusters and keep them up to date using the Amazon EKS management console, APIs, or CLI.Compute
LambdaLambda scaling controls for Kinesis and DynamoDB event sources.Compute
LambdaLambda controls for stream processing and asynchronous invocations.Compute
AuroraUse Machine Learning Directly From Your Databases.Database
DynamoDBConvert Your Single-Region Tables to Global Tables.Database
DynamoDBDynamoDB introduced support for customer managed customer master keys (CMKs) to encrypt DynamoDB data.Database
RedshiftMaterialized views provide significantly faster query performance for repeated and predictable analytical workloads such as dashboarding, queries from business intelligence (BI) tools, and ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) data processing.PreviewDatabase
CodeCommit / CodeBuild / Codedeploy / CodepipelineReceive notifications about events in repositories, build projects, deployments, and pipelines.Developer Tools
CodepipelinePassing variables from one action to another in Codepipeline. Possibility of dynamically configure Codepipeline actions with variables that will be evaluated at execution time.Developer Tools
CodeCommitAWS CodeCommit Enables Enforcing Approval Rule Workflows For Pull Requests.Developer Tools
CodeBuildTest Reports with AWS CodeBuild.Developer Tools
CloudFormationIf you created an AWS resource outside of AWS CloudFormation management, you can bring this existing resource into CloudFormation management using resource import.Management & Governance
CloudFormationCLI - is now open source; Registry - provides per-account, per-region storage for your resource providers + Third-Party Resource SupportManagement & Governance
CloudTrailIdentify and Respond to Unusual API Activity.Management & Governance
CloudWatch / OrganizationsShare inside of an Organization or with seperate AccountsManagement & Governance
CloudWatchServiceLens is a new feature that enables you to visualize and analyze the health, performance, and availability of your applications in a single place.Management & Governance
CloudWatchCloudWatch Synthetics allows you to monitor application endpoints more easily.Preview - only available in: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), EU (Ireland)Management & Governance
CloudWatchContributor Insights analyzes time-series data to provide a view of the top contributors influencing system performance.PreviewManagement & Governance
ConfigConfig launches support for third-party resources & introduces Conformance Packs.Management & Governance
OrganizationsUse Tag Policies to Manage Tags Across Multiple AWS Accounts.Management & Governance
Service CatalogSimplify cloud provisioning with AWS Service Catalog Connector for Jira Service Desk.Management & Governance
SSMAWS Systems Manager Explorer – A Multi-Account, Multi-Region Operations Dashboard.Management & Governance
SSMSafe Deployment of Application Configuration Settings With AWS AppConfig.Management & Governance
Route 53Overlapping Namespaces For Private Hosted Zones: Support for overlapping namespaces makes it easy to manage permissions across your organization.Networking & Content Delivery
IAM / OrganizationsControl access to resources based on OU - Use IAM to share your AWS resources with groups of AWS accounts in AWS Organizations.Security, Identity, & Compliance
IAM / STSUse Employee Attributes for Access Control in AWS.Security, Identity, & Compliance
KMSDigital signing with the new asymmetric keys feature of AWS KMS.Security, Identity, & Compliance
SSOCustomers can now connect Azure Active Directory to Single Sign-on once, manage permissions to AWS centrally in AWS SSO, and enable users to sign in using Azure AD to access assigned AWS accounts and applications.Security, Identity, & Compliance
WAFAnnouncing AWS Managed Rules for AWS WAF.Everywhere except Bahrain, Hong Kong, Beijing, NingxiaSecurity, Identity, & Compliance
AmplifyAmplify CLI announces new GraphQL transform feature for orchestrating multiple AI/ML use cases.Serverless
AppSyncNew features that will enhance your Real-Time experience on AWS AppSync.Serverless
AppSyncImproving GraphQL API performance and consistency with AWS AppSync Caching and DynamoDB Transactions support.Serverless
FSXMulti-AZ, Support for SQL Server, Smaller Minimum Size & Data Deduplication Feature.Storage
S3Features: Replication SLA, Replication Metrics & Replication Events.Storage
CLIAWS CLI v2 has new features eg. it supports AWS Single Sign-On. How to configure AWS CLI v2 for AWS SSOGeneral
CLISAM CLI simplifies deploying serverless applications with single-command deploy.General

ServiceDescriptionPreview / Region availabilityCategory
A Service that makes it easy for millions of AWS customers to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud.Everywhere except Montreal, Sao Paulo, Paris, Stockholm, Bahrain, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Beihing, Ningxia
A new managed service that makes it easy to collect and organize your data from industrial equipment at scale.Preview - available in US West (Oregon), US East (Northern Virginia), and EU (Ireland)Internet of Things

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