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Engaging in the community is an awesome way to share ideas and knowledge, get in touch with people with the same interest and exchange exciting thoughts about new topics. Especially the possibility to exchange with like-minded people, get new perspectives and learn about new things, is the reason why we feel so comfortable within the community and we think it’s important to give back to the community by contributing content and sharing thoughts in the same way.

.Community Leads

Through our work in the community, we have received several awards from Amazon Web Services and Hashicorp. These awards are given to mentors, technical enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and networking with the technical community.

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.Serverless Summit

The Serverless Summit is the world’s largest Serverless conference. It’s an annual and global event, founded by globaldatanet. A place where serverless experts from all over the world, will be on our stage, share their insights and present the latest trends and innovations. The event is characterised by the very high quality of the sessions, the interaction with the community and the variety of innovative formats. In addition to tech & use case talks, panel discussions, workshops and serverless experts, available for questions in the background, we also founded the serverless awards, the world’s only format where the best solutions will be awarded by the community and industrial leaders. Our goal is to create value, build unique experiences and Learn & Connect.


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