.Our AI/ML Event at the AI Campus in Berlin

Jun 6th 2022-3 min read

Cool drinks, delicious snacks and unique gifts like our self-designed beach towels to prepare you for the summer, all in a relaxing atmosphere made this a great meet-up. We hosted our own event together with our friends DoIt International on the AI ​​campus in Berlin, where we celebrated our first hybrid meet-up on the subject of machine learning, artificial intelligence and business use cases.

With 4 speakers on 4 different AI/ML use cases we made sure everybody gained some new interesting insights on the topic.

Starting with Creatext founder Jérôme Bau and Chris Prahl, Staff Cloud Architect, from DoiT International about how they are using AI to serve their customers better. What does Creatext do?

“Creatext is an AI sales platform that automatically conducts research on your prospects and generates hyper-personalized sales messages that are so good that your prospects will think you spent 30 minutes researching them.”

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Antonia Schulze, Data Scientist, from AWS ML Solutions Lab about: Changing the game with AWS ML Stack - The Bundesliga, NFL, F1 and more using AWS to deliver real-time statistics that improve insights into game strategy and outcomes. For example how the Bundesliga via AWS gives their viewers more and clearer game insights like probability of an occurring goal through measuring pressure, angle, distance, player speed and more. Especially for sports fans with an analytic interest, this is a huge step and brings more fuel to every sports discussion around the world.

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And our CEO Marc Schröter on how AWS Panorama uses computer vision at edge for different use-cases. This new AWS service is able to analyze video feeds in milliseconds and make predictions locally with high accuracy and low latency.

Some of the great advantages by using computer vision at edge are:

  • detect, count and track movements of objects
  • classify objects based on color, condition and type
  • measure distance and proximity
  • read text and numbers
  • recognize gestures and physical activities

There are already a lot of different use-cases for implementing this technology for a vast amount of reasons, from city infrastructure management to optimizing retail processes. Here are some of them:

  • Traffic light detection
  • Pedestrian detection (for example while crossing a street)
  • Road condition monitoring to track safety and status of infrastructure
  • Parking occupancy detection
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After the talk, there was a Q&A round following the opportunity to network and every attendee received their own "More Summer - Less Server" beach towel, designed by globaldatanet and DoIt.

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We want to give a huge thanks to the speakers, attendees and our friends from DoIt for making this a memorable meet-up.

Don’t worry if you could not be there, we will create more meet-ups, events and webinars in the future and remember to save the date: 16th to 17th November, Serverless Summit 2022, the world’s biggest Serverless conference hosted by globaldatanet.

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