.Our Story

Steep cliff separating two beaches to showcase different cloud native approach taken by globaldatanet

.Be unique and think differently

globaldatanet is a cloud-native company that is specialized in the development and optimization of platforms and applications in the AWS cloud. We enable customers around the world to use the full potential of the cloud, to increase revenue with new products or to increase efficiency by improving existing applications. We rely on pragmatic solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers without losing sight of simplicity and efficiency. What makes us unique We think differently, we value long-term partnerships and, above all, we love what we do and we put this passion into our projects.

.Our Team

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.Do things better. Then do better things.

Then do better things.

Rough rocky beach creating visually appealing scenery of the ocean in line with the shore to show greatness globaldatanet creates
Boat driving on a river winding through a thick forest for out of the box creative cloud approach and finding our own way

.Behind the scenes, the drivers behind

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.Our Cloudy Values:
6 values are not a lot to describe us, but it's a start


.Love what you do

Talent without passion is like having a Lambda function without any argument.


.Learn and be curious

How to get better? Motivation, curiosity, passion and striving for new technologies. That's all you need!.


.People first

The team is the most important resource. Care for each other, support each other and have fun together.



Longstanding partnerships are based on trust, transparency and honesty. This is what we value.


.Invent & Simplify

Nothing worse than going out with an over engineered app. We love to invent innovative solutions while keeping things simple and efficient.


.Crazy Ideas & Creativity

Run of the mill? Not in our company! We think differently and like crazy ideas, creating something special and unique.

Settlements on two sides of a river with structured ports showing the clear foundation globaldatanet is built on

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