.Ready for the next innovative level?


.Acceleration of digitalization

Our scoping call is used to identify and develop possible digitization projects and options for optimization in digitization processes that have already been implemented - how can you make your existing use cases more efficient or build new digital business models?

.Your new digital strategy


State of affairs / maturity

What is the current status of your applications with regard to digitized and cloud-based solutions?


Individual challenges

What challenges do you face that make optimized and maximally efficient work impossible at the moment?


Priorities / prioritization

Which fields of action result from the identified challenges?



Which solution is available for your individual use cases?


Guideline / Roadmap / Next Steps

What are the next steps that you can implement right away? What are the next steps that we will take together on your way towards digitizing your company?

Settlements on two sides of a river with structured ports showing the clear foundation globaldatanet is built on

.About us

Cloud specialists with passion and 100% focus on AWS - that's us at globaldatanet. We have been working on digitization concepts with cloud solutions since 2017 and have been recognized by AWS as an “Advanced Consulting Partner”. Thanks to our serverless-first approach, we can also tackle your individual requirements quickly and implement your project together in weeks instead of months. One of the myriad benefits of using managed AWS services is the pay-as-you-go approach. Means: Only the usage that is actually used by you is charged for the services. This means that there are no high costs for resources that are currently not being used at all. We focus on the business and how your company can be optimized - globaldatanet takes you to the next level of digitization.

.Let's discuss your next step

Are you looking for a team that goes a step further? We are ready for all tasks!

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