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CloudFront Functions

Run your code highly favorable and next to your Customer

Introducing the ECS Shutdown Scheduler for Cost Saving

At night all developers sleep, but what about their dev environments?

Rightsizing Recommendations for your AWS Account.

Get the Rightsizing Recommendations from Cost Explorer for your AWS Account / Organization.

Creating and managing Accounts in AWS

Best Practice for creating and managing Accounts in AWS

FinOps tools for your daily work.

The tools will help you to save costs.

Visualize your AWS cost increase in Slack

Have a look at our cost notification lambda which sends service spending reports to slack either daily / only on cost increase / only if a threshold is breached.

AWS community-days 2020: Cost Optimization

A lecture for SRE, DevOps and FinOps teams on controlling AWS costs with optimisations and practical tips from practice

Cut down on your Lambda cost

What to keep in mind when focussing on optimizing cost for Lambda

SCP Best Practices

How to use service control policies to secure resources and avoid unnecessary costs across accounts in your AWS Organization

Share a NAT-GW through TGW

Save money by sharing resources