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Mar 18th 2020-1 min read

Since communication in teams became more efficient and messengers such as Slack or MS Teams became a hub for developers, why don't keep all neccessary information handy in one place? Like the status of your Codepipeline. You will get notified of any failed state and the approval action only as of right now.

How it works

Cloudwatch Events Rule trigger a Lambda which sends out basic information about the state of your CodePipeline to either Slack or MS Teams in the appropriate Format using an incoming Webhook which needs to be configured on either of the messengers.

Codepipeline Notification graph

How to deploy it

You can deploy this application by cloning the github repository and packaging the template using Cloudformation.

Package it first and upload to S3:

aws cloudformation package \
--template-file  CF-PipelineNotification.yaml\
--s3-bucket <YourBucketName> \
--output-template-file packaged-PipelineNotification.yaml

Then deploy it as a cloudformation stack:

aws cloudformation deploy \
--template-file packaged-PipelineNotification.yaml \
--stack-name CF-PipelineNotification \
--capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM \
--parameter-overrides \
WebhookUrl=<YourWebhookUrl> \


How it looks like:

Slack message preview

MS Teams message preview


Further information and the source code can be found here:

Github repository

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