Oct 13th 2022 At 13:00 hrs. CEST

Intelligent Document Processing


Michael Horn

Michael Horn

Global Business Development Lead for IDP @Amazon Web Services

Jovan Ćušić

Jovan Ćušić

AWS Cloud Developer

Marc Schroeter

Marc Schroeter


IDP Webinar - Key Topics

How we use artificial intelligence to optimize the processing of scanbased documents


Adressing current challenges and how to solve them through modern solutions with AWS


Get an overview of various use cases and ways to leverage AI & ML


In-depth technical look into a typical IDP pipeline


Insights about our end-to-end IDP solution


Q&A Session at the end of the Webinar


Ensuring sustainable competitiveness is not easy for companies in an increasingly digital economy. It requires end-to-end digitization of businesses to meet the fast pace and ever-changing customer demands and expectations. Fundamental to digitizing processes is efficient use of existing data, most of which is unstructured in business documents, scans, images, PDFs and a flood of emails across the business. In this webinar we will present you a modern way to leverage innovative technology such as AI & ML to optimize the processing of documents. If you are interested to reduce costs through business process automation, implement an intelligent search or automation of compliance and control, you should not miss this event.

IDP Webinar - Details
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