Oct 11th 2023 At 13:00 hrs. CEST

Selling B2B SaaS to Enterprise


Marc Schroeter

Marc Schroeter


Benjamin Mosse

Benjamin Mosse

Sr. Mgr. Solutions Architecture Startup EMEA North @AWS

Ermin Dzinic

Ermin Dzinic

Senior Startup Solutions Architect @AWS


Manuel Hartmann

Founder & CEO @SalesPlaybook


Markus Kaiser

Principal Solutions Architect @AWS

Selling B2B SaaS to Enterprise

Covering main concerns when selling to Enterprise customers.


Understanding the required changes to scale up your application.


Learn from an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specialized in cloud-native SaaS.


Tailored for Founders, CEOs, executive team members of SaaS Start-Ups, aiming to upscale their offering


This event is for you if you are a founder/CEO or a member of the executive leadership team (product/CPO, sales/CSO/CRO, tech/CTO) of a SaaS startup with the ambition to win an up-market customer segment. Join our session to understand the significant changes that are required to scale up your business to meet enterprises requirements in terms of business and technology. Grab your ticket now since this is a hot topic and seats are limited! 🔥

Selling B2B SaaS to Enterprise
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