.Becoming an official AWS Public Sector Partner

Nov 29th 2023-2 min read

After successfully supporting the digital transformation of public institutions such as healthcare and transport organizations, we were officially awarded the title of Public Sector Partner. 🏆

An AWS Public Sector Partner understands and addresses the unique challenges public sector entities face. Without sacrificing security, we craft and deliver tailor-made solutions that cater to the needs and demands of government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and more. We always think ahead and go the extra mile to understand the use-case and deliver what is expected and beyond. To fully understand what is possible when cooperating with the right AWS Public Sector Partner, we've collected some key considerations:

.Enhanced Security and Compliance Measures  🔐

Public sector organizations demand the highest level of security and compliance to meet the regulatory requirements. By adhering to best practices, such as "Security By Design", consistently running tests at every level, the right Public Sector Partner takes security very seriously without compromising efficiency.

.Advanced Technology and Innovation 🚀

Public Sector Partners use cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation consistently. Public organizations benefit from leveraging the latest tools and resources available on AWS, transforming their operations into digital, efficient powerhouses.

.Dedicated Support and reliable Expertise 🙌🏻

Whether they consult, guide or act as an extension of your team, they are committed to provide support in every way your organization needs. The technological landscape is complex enough; there's no need to add to that complexity. The right Public Sector Partner always strives to simplify things for you.

.Making the digital Transformation possible 🌱

All in all, the ideal Public Sector Partner should simplify the complexities of application development and infrastructure management, enabling the organization to optimally fulfill its mission and transition smoothly into the digital world. This involves understanding the organization's core objectives and then offering tailored solutions to meet those needs. 🎯

We hope these insights help you to find the right partner to support your digital transformation goals. If you are looking for a team that meets these considerations, reach out to us, and let's explore how we can address your needs.

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