.Automation on AWS Cloud

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.Driving Agility, Scale and Control

Cloud automation is the use of automated tools and processes to execute workflows in a cloud environment that would otherwise have to be performed manually by your engineers. Instead of wasting time and resources managing cloud environments by hand, organisations that leverage cloud automation are able to focus their resources on activities that deliver direct business benefits, like developing new services and keeping customers pleased. Cloud automation is the only way to leverage the most value out of cloud environments.

.Automation Services

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DevOps automation is the practice of automating repetitive and manual DevOps tasks to be carried out without any human interaction. Automation can be applied throughout the DevOps lifecycle: Design and development, Software deployment and release, Monitoring & Logging. The goal of DevOps automation is to streamline the DevOps lifecycle by reducing manual workload.

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DevSecOps means building security into app development from end to end. This integration into the pipeline requires a new organizational mindset as much as it does new tools. Automate security to protect the overall environment and data, as well as the continuous integration/continuous delivery process — a goal that will likely include the security of microservices in containers and Serverless.

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Improve the automation, governance, and quality of production ML through Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines and Self-Service Portals. An ML pipeline in production continuously delivers prediction services to new models that are trained on new data. The model deployment step, which serves the trained and validated model as an inference service for online inferences, is automated.