.Cloud Optimization

.Continuous Improvement​

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.Continuous Improvement​

Cloud computing requires a new way of thinking about architecture and design. We understand that staying up to date with the pace of AWS innovation can be a challenge and requires expert knowledge and a set of best practices to get the most out of your architecture. We evaluate your cloud environment, report on critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps, and re-architect for maximum efficiency and highest security.


.Operational Excellence

Here the optimization of operations and the monitoring of the systems are in the foreground. The goal is the continuous improvement of the value chain through optimized structures and processes.

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The protection of data and systems is of the highest priority. It concerns the measures for safeguarding confidentiality and data integrity, such as through suitable rights management or identifying security breaches through corresponding checks.

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Error notification and prompt, automated restoration of systems in the event of an outage ensure high reliability. The architecture is designed to recognize bottlenecks in resources early on and request capacities.

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Optimal usage of AWS resources, including for fluctuating demand and various system requirements and technologies. The selection of the right services and types of resources, in addition to the consideration of modern architectural paradigms, such as serverless, for example, are the focal point here.

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.Cost optimization

An extensive analysis and adaptation of resources takes place to avoid/reduce unnecessary costs. Capacity reservations and the optimization of resources are possible steps here.

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Quicker development and provision

Continuous feedback and automation ensure faster provision of application changes and new features.

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Reduction of risk

Protecting information and systems including confidentiality and integrity of data, privilege management, establishing controls to detect security events.

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Well-founded decisions

Understand the pros and cons of decisions you make while building systems on AWS.

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Learning from best practices

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a set of best practices that guide you in building resilient and agile applications on the cloud.

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Continuous improvement plan

Adopting AWS architectural best practices enables you to save time, costs, drive efficiency and provide you fact-based improvement plan.

.Case Studies

.Our Approach


Selection of the applications to be optimized, answering queries and discussion of additional framework conditions.


Architecture, and requirements will be considered and discussed in detail, in accordance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.


Results are evaluated and concrete improvement measures are developed. Implementation of the medium and long-term measures.

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.Optimization and modernization

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